Virtuosos Leopolis

Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra

Symphonic Orchestra

MY Sounds Orchestra Vienna

Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra Berlin

Chamber Orchestra
When, on the evening of 7 December 2003, the stage of the Chamber Music Hall of the Berlin Philharmonic was illuminated, saw a new band lineup, the stage lights. Since then, almost ten years have passed.

Hungarian Symphony Orchestra

Symphonic Orchestra
Hungarian Symphony Orchestra was established on the 18th of April 1984. From the very beginning Pál Farkas remains a leader and conductor of the orchestra.

MAV Symphony Orchestra

Chamber Orchestra
The MÁV Symphony Orchestra, now a chamber opera, was founded in 1945. The orchestra, with its varied program from baroque to modern compositions, is one of the best in Hungary.

Warsaw Festival Orchestra

Symphonic Orchestra
Today, the non-profit PKB hosts concerts throughout Europe, but mainly in major concert halls of Germany and Switzerland