Leipziger Symphonieorchester


Virtuosos Leopolis

German National Orchestra

Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra

The Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra gave its first concert on 30 January 1989. During the 29 years of its existence the orchestra has given more than 1,300 concerts, home and abroad: France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Great Britain, Taiwan and elsewhere, It has participated in such prestigious festivals as the Warsaw Autumn, Europa musicale in Munich, Germany, the Costa do Estoril Festival in Portugal, Santa Cruz and Santander in Spain, Nyon in Switzerland, Chichester and Leads in Great Britain. The Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra has its traditions. The performances are warmly met by the public and critics alike. Every season the orchestra performs new compositions which cause a great stir: the most outstanding world music, large vocal-symphonic compositions and instrumental concertos. It has played many premieres of music by Lithuanian composers. The performance of all Mahler’s and Beethoven’s symphonies has become an exceptional event in the orchestra’s musical life. For more information about the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra visit: http://www.lvso.lt/en/.

MY Sounds Orchestra Vienna

Philharmonisches Kammerorchester Berlin

Als am Abend des 7. Dezembers 2003 die Bühne des Kammermusiksaals der Berliner Philharmonie beleuchtet wurde, erblickte eine neue Orchesterformation das Bühnenlicht: Das Philharmonische Kammerorchester Berlin (PKB).

Hungarian Symphony Orchestra

Das Ungarische Sinfonie-Orchester wurde am 18. April 1984 gegründet. Seit 1994 ist Pál Farkas Dirigent und Leiter des Orchesters.
Unsere Konzerte veranstalten wir in ganz Europa wie auch in den bedeutendsten Sälen Deutschlands und der Schweiz.