Gewandhaus zu Leipzig
The history of the Gewandhaus orchestra began in 1479.
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Gewandhaus zu Leipzig
This year, the Leipzig magistrate took three pipers for urban services. Until 1840, these town musicians, their number grew over time to seven, played an essential role in the music life of Leipzig: they arranged festivals in the town hall as well as assisted during the worships in the city churches. Later, on the initiative of a mayor, the Gewandhaus was expanded as a concert hall. The first "Gewandhaus Concert" took place in November 1781. In 1789, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart came to Leipzig and gave a concert in the Gewandhaus. The hall become the centre of Leipzig's concert life and it should remain for a century. The nine symphonies of Ludwig van Beethoven sounded worldwide for the first time as a cycle in the concert winter of 1825/26, that is, in the composer's lifetime. From 1835 Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy was Gewandhauskapellmeister. In 1862 Richard Wagner conducted prelude from "Meistersinger" and in 1879 Johannes Brahms' violin Concerto had its world premiere in this hall. Many things may have changed in Leipzig over the past decades, but one thing has remained: the Gewandhaus orchestra plays in the Gewandhaus as well as in the Opera house and together with the Thomanerchor in the Thomaskirche. Through concert, musical theatre and church music demanded in various ways, the orchestra has acquired a worldwide unique artistic horizon. Link:
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Gewandhaus zu Leipzig
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